GET IT WHITE: You’re Doing Superiority Wrong

Oh that’s just super.

Apparently, people of color must do everything in our power to help end white racism. This means we have to be perfect model citizens, complete without being too uppity. We can’t assume that a higher stature means deserving the things that white people have, like all the rights guaranteed under the Constitution. We not only must humble ourselves despite our individual achievements, we also better make sure that we show white people enough love to stay engaged. All without the supposed mental or behavioral instincts to be tamed enough for mixed company. Well, if you let white supremacists tell it.

With that in mind, what’s YOUR excuse?

I’ll explain what I mean. Let’s just say that the white race is, in fact, superior to the other races. If that is the case, then should not your superior composition compel you to extend extreme goodwill towards non-whites, instead of indifference and aggression? It isn’t like you don’t already do this, except your altruistic attention tends to be placed on animals, not kids in cages. Instead of hiding behind a sudden need to abide the letter of the law at all costs, how about making sure no child under our responsibility dies? Why does deportation mean deserving any suffering we decide to inflict? 

If you are superior, then where is your superior empathy?

Even the condemned get medical care in America. You cannot tell me that you are honestly fulfilled by the suffering of people that you deem inferior. Why do this? What about superiority makes your want to deny basic human needs to non-whites? Why not allow for the languages and religions of PoCs to exist unmolested?

When do you actually display your superiority?

What about superior integrity? How long will you pretend that there’s white genocide when you don’t want to care about the actual plights of PoCs, while simultaneously pretending that there’s black genocide when you want to argue against abortions and being on the “democratic plantation”? How long will you pretend that the racist policies of the Trump administration gives your life anything worthwhile? Why pretend that you don’t understand concepts like groups being non-monolithic and correlation/causation? If white superiority is real, then how could white privilege not exist?

Can people of color do anything be in servitude to be acceptable in your presence? Making sure all block parties in your neighborhood are all-white can’t be that meaningful.

Ok, you’re superior. Show me what you’re working with. Use your superiority to make sure America cares about the suffering of the inferior. Demand a superior world for yourself and your kin, thus allowing the rest of us an opportunity to live in one too. Accept non-whites into your communities so we can enjoy a better life, with your superiority being a shining example. Ensure that minorities have access to every resource available to become better people, just like your natural selves.

Never stop being charitable to non-whites because you feel that we should be better.

If you're superior, then you should be best.

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