REVERSE GRACISM: Appropriating Being Able To Accuse


I was happily going about my entire life without knowing what the Met Gala was even about, let alone caring about it to research it. My blissful ignorance was disturb due to social media exploding with comments about cultural appropriation of the Catholic Church. Fighting the urge to laugh hysterically at the very thought, I keep my eye on who was complaining and how. Rihanna seemed to be the covergirl for the supposed appropriation. Despite looking literally like Jesus, Jared Leto hasn’t been used as an example for… some reason. That’s when I realized that the hubbub was strictly a counter accusation, coming from people who desperately try to find equivalency whenever minorities speak up about appropriation. 

Counter accusers are masters at fabrication. Stats are snatched from thin air, histories are completely overhauled and common sense ignored. The truth isn’t necessary or relevant when the goal is to merely join in the accusing. Having to ask people to stop being inconsiderate is fun, remember? Yeah, me neither. Since their statements are based on a pretend world where majorities are somehow oppressed by the powerless, these false equivalency seekers MUST pretend about many facets of American life.

Generalizations that are never meant to apply to an entire group are pretended to accuse everyone, as inclusion grants a turn at the mic. “Check one, two y’all, this is about me now.” Victimhood is the desired status, said only by people who have never been victims. The issue is forcefully made (by #notalling conversations to death) when innocence from the accusation would surely make one confident that they are not the topic. However, that would require one to stop talking and just listen to the discourse, wouldn’t it?

The counter accusation is always taken seriously, while its inspiration is dismissed outright. Only the new example has merit; the other is just a result of an ‘outrage machine’. Uncomfortable complaints from minorities MUST be a result of misinformation. Convenient rebuttals are presented as factual regardless of a lack of research or even an understanding what the conversation is actually about. Instead of saying, “White privilege? What’s that??” and doing a quick search on Google, counter accusers go directly to social media to yell about how they’re not rich or successful, confused about the entire concept.

It is a maddening, disheartening, disingenuous ploy to derail necessary dialogue that doesn’t even require a change of heart to allow existence. No one is forced to care. The only thing asked, ASKED, is consideration of the complaint. New information goes in, it gets pondered and processed, then a decision is made. Let me honest: it’s barely anything. Yet the resistance to even getting out of the way of the conversation is powered by an endless supply of butwhattabouts. 

All of this pretending. All because accusations looks like fun to certain people.

It’s enjoyable. To be a victim.


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