FEAR & VOTING IN MASS CHAOS: The Last Grasp of Straws

It’s been so strange to watch.

The aftermath of Donald Freaking J Trump’s election to the highest office in our land has caused quite a peculiar reaction from pundits everywhere. Of course there was a lot of CYA going on for getting the forecast so wrong, most being able to brush it off as just several polling misinformation. After that nonsense, the talk went to speculation of who was to blame for the actual votes, jumping from the Comey effect to misinformation to Hillary’s ignoring of “flyover” areas. However, even when pundits do, the numbers do not misdirect from what actually happened this election.

Awful white people whited.


While people of color showed up in record numbers, willing to do their part to stop this madman, most of white America had other ideas. The preservation of white Christian cis privilege was deemed far too endangered to allow another step of progress to occur. Obama’s victories were nothing more than appeasement; an attempt to quell some of the assumed clapback that white America fears is coming for them over centuries of minority mistreatment. Surely a female POTUS would signal an all-out, well earned war against men, or so some speculated with no evidence. Facts aren’t what they used to be anymore, because Trump supporters say the media has somehow warped reality instead of simply reporting on it.

The few that are willing to accept their sponsoring of Trump via votes have been stocked plenty with every excuse in the book as to justify their action, usually scapegoating the groups of people disparaged by Trump as a legitimate reason to sacrifice basic civil rights to their neighbors. In the process of avoiding common sense and logic for perceived expiring privilege, voters were willing to believe absolutely ANYTHING about other groups citizens. Things like, black people are naturally prone to criminality, women are naturally prone to lying, LGBTQ people are naturally prone to sexual intimidation, Hispanics are naturally prone to sexual predation and Muslims are naturally prone to religious extremes. So ingrained are the accusations that far too many non-white cis voters were willing to believe these accusations wholeheartedly about their OWN communities, somehow excluding themselves while pointing a crooked finger at others just like themselves, just like their candidate has for months. Privilege is SO appealing that those not even invited believe they can somehow end up on the right side of the wall.

What walls really do is expose the self-assumed fragility of the erectors, giving them a platform to eventually fall and shatter while having only provided the small security that a prison affords.

I sincerely applaud those white Christian cis voters that had the integrity to vote against their well-built privilege in order to uphold the promise of America for all citizens. I can’t even begin to imagine what their next family reunion is going to be like.

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