BIG FORGOTTEN GIANT: Bring Back Spectreman

I felt so privileged.

Rarely in my young life did I have anything to myself. I am the youngest of several siblings, so sharing was beyond the norm and quite expected while growing up in Philly. Considering that I was a kid that would bring home my chocolate milk for my brother since only kindergartners got it, this was never a problem for me (never knowing otherwise didn’t hurt, either). However, since I got out of school about an hour before my older siblings did, I had a chance to watch TV all by myself for that short amount of time. And my show was friggin’ Spectreman.

My one year older brother used to look at me with such disdain over being able to watch Spectreman without him, especially with the technicality of not being in “real school” yet. Back then in the age of no internet, he only had my excited retellings to sate his curiosity, and boy did I sell the hell out of it. We shared a love over Ultraman, so it must have been so hard on him to miss out on something that was blowing my young mind out the back of my head. It made matters worse when I would break out with a “Spectreman!” yell, flailing about with the theme song rattling in my head. Can you blame me? Just listen to this damn thing.

That’s some good vocalin’ I tell you what. I didn’t care how over the top the lyrics were; I was bouncing on my couch like a madman every time that 70s guitar strumming started. And that was just the intro. Spectreman kicked serious ass, having a plethora of weapons at his disposal along with the ability to grow at will. Alas, these details were the only reason I didn’t roll my eyes out of my head when my kids watched Power Rangers decades later. How could I clown their shiny new robot humans when I absolutely loved the show that started it all?

Sure, the far more popular Ultraman soon captured my attention away from my Spectreman memories once he took over American afternoons, but I never forgot how much fun I had watching that show. Particularly, there was no other villain quite like Spectreman’s battlefield nemesis, the mumbling Karas. I have a t-shirt that has both of them on it and you should see the looks of confusion I get when I wear it. At first I thought it was just them trying to figure out who was this character that looked familiar but in a Ultraman knockoff way. However, it quickly became apparent that they were staring at the giant gorilla in the S&M getup that was menacing him.

Spectreman was the best. Since every show like this seems to be getting a revival, from Ultraman coming to Amazon to Walter White showing up in the new Power Rangers movie cast, why can’t Big S get his due too? Help a brotha out. In fact, help a brotha stop getting the side eye decades later from his brother. Give me more giants to look up to.

Let Spectreman live.

Do you remember the glorious Spectreman and want to revive him?
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