SOLID BOLD: Draymond Green Is Golden

This dude…

Lost in the numerous talks about the best league record, MVP votes, greatest shooter ever, best backcourt duo, the “death squad”, coach of the year, back to back championships, a “watered down” league (go back to sleep, T-Mac), the state of Duncan and Ginobili’s careers, the resurgence of D-Wade and ignoring the LeBronsplain’ of the word ‘valuable’, is a discussion about a player that is one of the most complete packages I’ve ever seen. I know all of that other stuff is plenty valid for NBA debates, but can we talk about The Beast From The Bay for a moment?

I can certainly see why NBA fans outside of Golden State wouldn’t want to give up props to a player that has a habit of collecting techs and dishing out punishing screens. Seeing your star player needing a spatula to get off the ground can be distrating, and Dray doesn’t mind rubbing it in with a smirk, a flex or a roar. While casual fans might be turned off by his antics, hardcore fans must love Dray’s type of blue collar work ethic effectiveness. He’s perfectly fine with Klay and Steph taking the lion’s share of the attention as the Splash Brothers, all the while he just punches in and goes to work, doing whatever his team or the moment needs.

Is there anything this guy can’t do? Let’s be real: there’s NO WAY the “death squad” works without Green being able to guard guys much taller and much heavier than he is, not to mention his ability to run guards from the key to the baseline on switches. How do you even begin to construct an oddity like this?? Take the defensive drench digging of Ben Wallace, the nonstop hands of Scotty Pippen, the surprise shooting range of Charles Barkley, the basketball intelligence of Grant Hill, the amazing passing of Chris Webber, the bigger than life heart of Allen Iverson, and the bombastic nature of Dennis Rodman and you kinda come close to accurately describing this guy. Add in the ability to play clamp down defense on anyone that touches the ball and you’ve got a truly unique player that somehow stands out in a league full of amazing anomalies. Plus, the guy has personality for days with a self-awareness that many athletes sorely lack.

Love him or hate him, you gotta respect the man.

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