SITTING UGLY: Time To Flush The Bathroom Bouncers

I can’t believe this crap.

Of all the damn things this country could concentrate on, the electorate on the Right have decided that the next place to make a stand is in the outhouse. Yes, let’s forget about any history that isn’t attached to the Alamo or 9/11 and never learn anything. Let’s just make the same damn mistakes that were made against black people in the 60s and gays in the 90s. I must be ignoring all the good folk that caught the black or AIDS back then when they dared to share a toilet with… regular people.

Nevermind the fact that the bathroom laws do exactly the OPPOSITE of what they claim to do. Don’t want men in the ladies room? Then why force trans men to do just that? Oh right, most don’t know what the hell they’re talking about OR what trans people really look like. Most are just happy that they get to finally say “not my daughters” without actually doing anything. Do we really need to send these trans men into ladies room (according to the dumb bathroom bills) because of what's on their birth certificates?

Using your children as a “legit” excuse to openly rally against people you’ve either never met or never noticed before is despicable. “Ain’t no man in a dresses…” stop right there. You’re talking about transvestites, not trans people, neither of which are automatically sexual predators no more than white people are automatically racists. Babysitters, care takers, family friends and neighbors are overwhelmingly the predators of children, with the rest being mostly family members. And yet, bathroom bouncers rather stand in front of a Target ladies room than ever bother with a criminal background check of the babysitter they left their children with.

Keep telling yourself that you’re protecting children when you support laws that only affect a minority of a minority who were never a threat at all, but when it comes to even talking about passing gun safety laws (that even advocates want), you go bananas over the “ape” in office trying to "take your guns”. Nevermind that more preschoolers have been fatally killed by guns in recent years that cops have; kids need protectin’. Invisible enemies need to be yelled at for daring to decide to take that arduous journey of claiming their gender, regardless of the almost universal hate they receive, which results in a whopping 66% having been victims of sexual assault.

Who hell needs protecting from whom?

Do you agree that America is about celebrating differences, not embracing hatred?
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