PATRIOT LAMES: Big People and Big Bigotry

For the love of hate.

Ah, there's nothing like American hate. Not hate for the country, mind you, rather the hate that some Americans are able to just throw out without a care in the world. Supporting Trump on Facebook while having groups of friends that have been disrespected by the candidate, all while you post meme after meme? That's just telling it like it is, Trump style. Yelling at ice cream parlor patrons for enjoying freedom and a sundae because you can't seem to get to the extremists that are actually a problem for everyone? Oh, give the little dude a break. Assaulting a homeless man over being brown skinned, inspired by Trump to hate Mexicans? Surely that guy wasn't helping by not having a job, amirite? Attacking a person for expressing her religious freedom while daring to be in the country that completely allows that very expression? I bet you thousands of people thought Mad Hijab Grabber was being Captain America level heroic.

Some might be confused about all the ridiculous contradictions, but not me. I've watched so-called patriots operate for decades now. I remember the neo-Nazi that I shared a wall with in the barracks back when I was in the Army. Somehow, the irony of vowing to protect the ideas America was founded on didn't cause him any mental pain, as well as the enormous amount of time it took for superiors to realize that maybe a skinhead wasn't the best person to have among our ranks. I've seen the way traitors hide behind the veil of "maybe" just over claiming patriotism or religious zeal, whereas a minority hardliner would have been immediately and appropriately shook down.

I've heard all the rumblings over who's country this is and who doesn't belong. I've seen "patriots" hit activists with the same hand they hold over their hearts during the pledge of allegiance. I've see them explain away their illogical hate by saying "well, they hate us!" Yeah, nothing devalues a moral high ground quicker than saying you love America and freedom while hating the freedoms of others in America. "I love my country so much that I hate them!" No, you love yourself so much that you refuse to let other Americans feel the same love in fear of it running out.

I've seen the ridiculousness over the battle flag, where the same people that supports a candidate that calls a POW a "loser" still cannot get enough of the surrendering, traitorous flag. The irony is moot, as the message isn't about logic or consistency, rather contrarianism. "Oh, this bothers you? Then I love it." It's grade school annoying for pleasure 101. Nowadays, these so-called patriots claim flame war victories as badges of honor, rather than actually doing anything honorable, like respecting the fact that this country was never meant to be a nonstop buffet of agreeable circumstances. Sometimes, you just gotta deal. It takes strength to exist in a world that doesn't give you everything you want. Only weak people need constant amiability.

America is already great. Americans, eh...

Aren't the contradictions of patriotism getting ridiculous?
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