I know. I understand.

Sometimes a man just can’t help himself. It’s not everyday you run across a woman that knock your socks off with one glance. A look in her face, a sway in her walk, a mesmerized man has been smitten. The more you stare, the more she become irresistible. A game plan is quickly created, a path is scouted and a move is made. A smile later, this man has dropped an “excuse me, miss” in his most pleasant tone, anxiously anticipating engaging with this angel he’s been observing. The scene is almost perfect. The only problem is that this is disrespectful as hell.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take the human element out of it for a minute so I can illustrate my point. If you saw a car you liked, would you try to take THAT car, or would you go find one that’s available? That’s because you respect the ownership of that car and inherently know that no matter how sexy that car is, there’s literally a million more out there. Guess who owns that body you’re admiring so intensely? By no means am I referring to women as automobiles, rather showing that the boundaries of objects are respected more than the sanctity of personhood and privacy. A car doesn’t have the ability to express disgust when a man runs his hand down the side of it, and yet this definitely doesn’t happen to cars that are just out and about.

Ok, now bring back the human element. This is a PERSON that is being treated like an alluring object that was just found on the street, attempting to be anonymously claimed. Charming for an old couch, mortifying for a woman just trying to exist. Imagine a life where a person cannot get through a work shift, an afternoon jog, a trip to the grocery store, waiting on a bus, reading a book in the park, a business presentation… hell, just about any conceivable situation a woman can find herself in, without another smiling jackass to interrupt at every available opportunity. “I can’t resist you” isn’t a compliment to a stranger, rather the setup for a sleepless night. She’s just trying to do her job with a smile, and here comes another hitman to install a permanent resting bitch face in her, since politeness attracts frogs and dogs, all while having to endure “whydonchasmile” BS for an eternity from men that couldn’t handle the truth. Never mind the fact that even the most modest refute may end up being a woman’s last act of valor.

Let’s be real here: hitting on women serves just as much of an ego boost to the insecure man as a potential date maker.  “I still got it!” the playa thinks to himself, the reward being immaterial to the conquest and the selfish desire to let the hood know the wood is still good. Huh. So, what do you think happens with someone that has so much resting on this one occasion, complete with the lack of respect for the woman's ownership of her own body, gets hit with a rejection? All hell can break loose, forcing very uncomfortable situations for very uncomfortable amounts of time on women for the sake of a comfortable expectation of survival.

What will happen if hollerin’ stops? Well, for starters, better men will develop. I tell you, there’s nothing more sorry than a man that walks around with his head on a swivel, checking every passing ass for potential future mileage. The behavior gets so ingrained that school zones have become future stock watch areas, which is miles away from appropriate behavior for a grown man. A man keeps his b-i-bizness tight. A man gets from A to B without being distracted with ‘could’, ‘would’ or ‘might’. A man doesn’t play with his phone or his horn at the traffic light. A man takes his damn ass home at night.  A man is done with games and has his mind right.

What will men do instead? Ah, hello? Have you seen the way millennials operate? They barely speak to their friends, let alone people they’re interested in. They’ve also grown up in the information age, completely free of any ridiculous stigmas associated with using apps and websites. These tech tools help them to find every particular type of person or relationship desired, including just straight up hookups. Why are old heads holding out?? Besides, wouldn’t it be great if men stop getting hit on too? I’m not talking about the stunner that approaches once in a lifetime. Naw, dawg; I’m talking about the awkward co-worker that “puts it out there” on the field, only for you to fumble the ball on purpose and avoid eye contact in any future huddles until you retire years later. Neither team needs this situation to keep getting played out. If men stop hitting on women directly, women will turn to internet options to find love, finally filling the ranks on every portal.

Let hollerin’ die.

Do you agree that "picking up" no longer has place in our society?
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