Frothing ain’t a good look.

Thanks to the amazing NXT program, I’ve rediscovered my zeal for wrestling. I hadn’t cared about the sports entertainment world since Slamball went off the air. It was great to indulge in this guilty pleasure that I had unabashedly loved as a kid growing up in the South. Since NXT was being handled so well, I decided to give the main roster a chance to win me back, and they did in spades. However, I noticed something awful going in the background that couldn’t be ignored, kinda ruining the experience altogether. My god, the fans.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been distracted by fans, but it’s really puzzling for WWE fans to be so hard to please. This is ENTERTAINMENT, so I struggle to lend logic to calls for fairness. The drama is obviously intentional… man, I can’t do this. I wanted to appeal to people’s good sense and logic, but damn that. I gotta just say it: you whiny guys are acting like a bunch of damn babies that are crying over your favorite rattle falling from arm’s reach. You have no idea what you truly want, seemingly willing to bitch about literally everything.

You know one thing that WAS actually better back in the 80s about wrestling? The fans! They weren’t damn idiots that had to be spork fed their favorite wrestler each and every week. Sure, the villains and heroes were far more obvious, with many caricatures of modern life being used as inspirations for gimmicks, but the world has evolved. Stone Cold ushered in anti-babyfaces and Triple H brought in anti-heels. We also got a ton of people in between like Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Benoit, Kane, Bautista, etc. “But they messed up CM Punk”... yeah, whatever. It’s still a business, regardless of your silly feels. Sometimes things don’t work out the way ANYONE intended. Get over it or get lost. Now we have a champion that can barely be seen on camera without fans drowning him out with boos, rooted completely in not getting what they want. Newsflash: You're not SUPPOSED to get what you want all the damn time.

My god the Roman Reigns hate… tell me this: who the hell in the WWE that’s active could realistically beat Reigns? That list is extremely small: Rusev, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt and maybe Alberto Rio. Only Sheamus has enough charisma to be the face of the company during this superstar drought. Look, you loved Seth Rollins (for good reason) and you got him. You got him a LOT. You didn’t complain about him pinning EVERYONE like you bitched about Super Cena. Although Reigns has struggled in the past with his mic skills, that’s hardly a problem anymore. As far as his one-note tone, he’s using a schtick for a reason: THEY WORK.

Time to calm the hell down.

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