DEAD RIGHT: ‘Deadbeat’ Is A Lively One

I was NOT ready.

A year ago, after exhausting all of my regular shows on Hulu, I decided to peruse their growing catalog of original shows available. I didn’t have any high expectations, but after being delightfully surprised and charmed by the amazing Moone Boy, I felt I had nothing to lose by giving another one a chance. Vaguely recalling Tyler Labine’s hilarious role in Reaper (and the positive reviews for his movie Tucker And Dale Vs Evil), I decided to give Deadbeat the next chance.

Well, my fragile little mind was nowhere near prepared for the onslaught of plot devices this crazy show had in store for me. Not having any idea what it was about, I soon learned that Labine plays the medium Pac who uses his unusual talent to support himself, exorcising ghosts for profit. His particularly dedicated weed habit somehow doesn’t get in the way, but perhaps has left him a few dime bags short of a Father Merrin. Much like Anthony Anderson does on Black-ish, Tyler plays the comedic straight man with a crazed loon bubbling under the surface, while seemingly normal people do insane things around him for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, Pac pushes through whatever mess he’s found himself in to the end.

Those missions bring in a plethora of one-shot characters that take this show to another level, and drive Pac to the brink of insanity. He goes through crazy lengths to finish those tasks, coming up with hilarious (and bone-headed) ideas to get them accomplished. Along the way he runs into a gaggle of regulars that continue the zany fun without missing a beat. I had no idea Cat Deeley could even act, let alone pull off such a great villain as Pac's famous and bitter rival. Brandon T. Jackson may be shrinking a bit to fulfill a sidekick role, but lending his comedic talents to the show bring it an air of legitimacy. Kal Penn gets added in the third season, also adding heavy chops to a show that is still relatively considered obscure on the streaming service.

However, the best auxiliary character is played by Lucy DeVito, whom highlights the show’s hidden gem. Among the crazy sight gags, the unbelievable situations and the constant setups for Pac's misfortunes, Deadbeat actually has an stunning heart of gold. Beneath every selfish action that takes place by either himself or the people that demand his services, ghost or human, is a desire to find some semblance of peace and happiness. This very basic and very human pursuit is something we all share, even as we share this crazy world together.

Make no mistake, Deadbeat will definitely make your jaw drop at times. Luckily, it’ll also make you feel happy to be alive, too.

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