BLASTING TRAP: Mr Carmack Won’t Let You Go

Soundcloud can be a funny beast.

I’m not sure what was the first trap song that hooked me to the sound, but that’s irrelevant. Merely looking for a long mix to listen to while exercising, I went to Soundcloud a few years ago to give me something to get my spirit going. Didn’t take long before I had a lot of trap songs under my favs, since this genre might be the most hype one out right now. I had no idea whom to look for, so I let the app just play suggestions until I found something to blast. Fortunately for me, I stumbled across this gem:

What on earth was I just listening to? That didn’t just rattle the hell out of my speaker; it gave my soul micro-fractures. A silly verbal loop, a vicious bass drop, a ridiculous synth run amok… is that a xylophone??  Who is this guy Carmack? What the hell was I doing beforehand? Is this still Tuesday? Do I have any more sweat left in my body?? Where the hell is the repeat??? Man, you know something just messed you up when you can’t wait to jump back in the water for more, no matter how many shark bites you just took. I swear, I’ve listen to this track a thousand times, the first one hundred in a row right then and there. By the end I was still jumping in my seat, going “bang, bang, bang, bang” right along with it.

The man just knows how to cultivate an atmospheric soundgarden, filling up the spaces and gaps with unreal bass hits and beautiful twists of musicality. I simply cannot get enough of his ever-evolving, unmatched perspective. Or perhaps that might be a little too much praise, as all of his collaborations with other fellow music astronauts will have your head in orbit just as fast as one of his solo flights. I don’t know where his input begins or where it ends, but you can always expect to find yourself in an infinite loop whenever he blesses a record.

Mr. Carmack has a lot of male fans for a specific reason. Some of his tracks are unmistakable beautiful, no question. However, I feel he is at his best when he lets the track thump and hump, growl and disembowel. Just listen to this grimy collab with the lethal Jacuzzi and tell me it doesn’t sound like a robot trying to explain how bad its migraine hurts in its own weird binary language. Keep hitting that repeat button and you may end up with a headache in the best way.

Pay for what? Pay for this.

Has Mr Carmarck impressed you with his array of hypnotic sounds?
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