HURRED LINES: The Fake Stupidity of Trump Supporters

OK.  Let’s do this.

All racists absolutely LOVE Trump. You’d think that would be enough of a red flag for other Trump supporters to take a closer look at their admiration of him, but alas, that goes right out the window when excuses to revoke civil liberties for other Americans can be savored instead of embracing common sense. There is an army of well-intenders walking shoulder to shoulder with the worst of us, following a man that couldn’t be more un-American if he called the Statue of Liberty a homely bitch while munching on a fried eagle sammich.

I can’t believe the type of people that support Trump that AREN’T racists.  I mean, what the hell does a veteran, businessman and family man from Tennessee have in common with a silver spoon deepthroating, draft dodging, multiple wife leaving, daughter ogling, company bankrupting, self-server like Trump? People like this know damn well that a Mexican wall will never happen and Muslims aren’t a monolithic America hating group, as well as the existence and necessity of freedom of religion and expression.  And yet, they ignore all the flip-flopping and lack of ethics or conviction in Trump anyway.

All in a misguided attempt to stop The Hillaricane for “reasons”, as if she isn’t vastly more experienced and qualified for the job than any other candidate. Yes, I don’t like her ridiculous pandering and Wall Street caressing either, but you know what?  We have NO ONE to blame but ourselves for her. When candidates with less questionable integrity were placed in front of us, all we could think about is “why is Howard Dean screaming??” and “will Bernie Sanders make it through a presidency??”  Sigh.

Much in the same way, the GOP deserves Trump. You don’t sow the seeds of hate and misinformation without creating a hateful, ignorant populace. Most of the people that complain about Mexicans and Muslims have never met one in their life, any perhaps never will. That’s not the point, obviously, as those supporters are really just in it for the anti-PC aka “I wanna call beaners beaners to their face” and “black lives only matter when they’re dead”. I’ll never understand the desperate need to be ‘edgy’ by some white folks in this country, but they obviously haven’t bother to pay attention our collective history at all. IT’S BEEN EDGY. You shouldn’t need yet another minority to be suppressed in order to continue feeling good about the land you’ve already conquered on all levels. While some complain about a lack of white power, I have to point out to them that it’s merely just a fall of numbers. Perhaps if minorities were treated as actual Americans now with all the civil liberties you take for granted, you’d wouldn’t be having such fits about becoming one in the very near future.

Stop calling Trump supporters stupid.  Call them what they really are: UN-AMERICAN.

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