THE VAST AND THE FURIOUS: Bad Drivers Rule The Road 2

OK, “good” drivers.  Time for a reality check.

A little clarification upfront:  I am not going to be referring to simple law bending.  I understand as a critic of drivers myself that it can be very hard NOT to be a hypocrite at times.  After having so many cars tailgate you in one day or blow your doors off zooming by in the lane you were trying to merge into, one can just say “screw it” and break the law just to get away, imagining that some unspecific point was made to the aggressor.

That kind of behavior, while hypocritical as hell, at least make sense. But what about this crap right here?

Ghost Car
What is this nonsense I keep seeing at every red light where people leaving 1-2 car lengths of open air in front of their car? I’m not talking about the idiots that do that because they were finishing a stupid text and didn’t bother to look up before braking, rather the bigger idiots that are just copying this behavior FOR NO REASON. Like it’s a trend instead of a stroke symptom. Sigh. Knock it off. It’s downright treasonous to do in a turning lane.

Green Arrow
Some more clarification is needed: Green means “GO”, and that doesn’t stand for  “Get the hell through this intersection as fast as mechanically possible Or else”. Why have people forgotten what a curve is?  It certaintly isn’t that straight line you keep doing on turns, as if shot from a bow into the other lane. Look, curves are ROUND, and your turns need to be.  I’m tired of seeing you always either on the sidewalk or the next lane over because you gotta cut your wheel so hard in fear of a yellow light.

Single Vision
Look, I understand. Bad drivers are frustrating as hell. They can make anyone lose their cool and do something foolish. However, please stop letting your frustrations gets so bad that you stop seeing double lines where they are and instead your eyes have merged the two lines in anger (read: pre-road rage). No, you’re still not supposed to turn into that damn CVS from the other lane across three lanes.  No, the other people doing that dumb crap doesn’t excuse you. Be a good driver or not but be real.

Not A Care In The Wor- (crunch)
Oh, and bicyclists? The reason you’re supposed to be in the road and not on the sidewalk is so you’ll follow the same rules. Why does that matter?  Well, it keeps cars from almost KILLING YOU when you don’t bother to look up when rolling through an intersection, never bothering to consider that cars are coming the OTHER WAY right for you. I’ve had to avoid killing two dumb cyclists in the last week because they we so busy watching the sidewalk instead of the intersection.

Thin Line Between Love & Hate
Of course, the only way to deal with bad driving habits is to stop letting them get under your skin so much that you start “retaliating” with crazy crap in return. Before you know it, you’ll become one of them, in full denial mode while completely being a liability to everyone else.

Are you tired of the way everyone seems to break the rules of the road?

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