WE GOT NXT: WWE’s D-League Bringing Its ‘A’ Game

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Wrestling is fun again!

If you stopped watching wrestling over the past decade, I can definitely understand.  After the demise of WCW and the absorption of ECW, it seemed like the WWE had lost some of its luster without the healthy competition.  Thankfully, Vince McMahon created a developmental platform that was a stroke of genius.  NXT is worth a repeated look for many reasons.

It’s familiar
Any fan of 80s wrestling will immediately be drawn in by new sculpted warriors, wrecking balls, foreign brutes, campy gimmicks, big boys and high flyers.  Attitude era watchers will love the new anti-heroes, risk takers, smack talkers and savage monsters.  The look is still there, with plenty of muscle and hair to go around. I always thought that wrestlers had a superhero vibe, with the tights and background stories, which makes them just than more appealing.

It’s unlike anything you’ve seen
NXT has an amateur appeal that doesn’t come across as unpolished.  Most of the newbies have come from WWE’s Tough Enough franchise, so their familiarity with one another shows up in weird ways.  For instance, rivals often shake hands and friends often double cross each other.  The back and forth between camaraderie and competitiveness makes for great drama.  Also, so many gimmicks!  You’ll see ex-collegiate athletes, masked luchadores, towering badasses, scary demons and golden boys.

It finally gets Divas right
To be honest, I could have written an entire article about the NXT Divas alone.  Right in the mind of a ‘revolution’ in the WWE, the ladies are straight bringing it.  Instead of being regulated to just valets and a side show here and there, these ladies rightfully headline showcases, bringing their power game and high risk moves with them.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better assortment of likable faces and love-to-hate heels than the Divas.

It’s a lot more intimate
From the closeness of the crowd in Full Sail Stadium to the spirit of Dusty Rhodes that unmistakably permeates the building, NXT feels like backyard wrestling kicked up to Saturday Night Main Event levels.  The crowd is amazing, giving equal praise to faces and heels alike.  They also have generously left behind the dumb stuff that the WWE crowd does like the “you suck” or “what” chants. They’d rather reward good performances with standing ovations and remind the wrestlers that “this is awesome” in case they forgot.

It makes the WWE much, much better
Almost all of the current stars in the WWE came from NXT.  The development doesn’t go to waste, as poorly executed or received gimmicks have been worked out already, leaving a finish product that’s polished and ready to kick ass.  Also, the core set of skills has been greatly upgraded. Everyone does power moves, MMA strikes, submissions, outside ring dives and top rope leaps. That means their signature moves have to be that much more creative to stand out, and boy do they ever.

It’s worth it!!!
Just do it already.  And when you find someone that you love, be sure to catch their rise on back episodes on Hulu.  It’s the best damn show on TV right now.

Have you discovered the magic of NXT?
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