DEPRAVITY FALLS: 'Hollywood Game Night' Is Insane


Being crazy can be a good thing.

Hollywood Game Night is exactly what you think it is: Hollywood Squares meets many cocktail drinks.  To use a comic book metaphor; this show is the real life Secret Wars if the Beyonder had a People magazine subscription and a liquor problem.  However, the show is surprising entertaining from beginning to end.  In their attempts to behave "normal", the stars end up hamming for the camera, telling bad jokes that don't land and a surprising number of them end up on the carpet.  Their embarrassments are comedic gold for the viewer.  

Jane Lynch, the emcee of the festivities, masterfully runs the gambit between insults and ribbing, complimenting and flirting.  The celebrities tend to be incredibly competitive as if their intelligence is being judged (it is). The normal contestants get treated like the inconveniences they are, being the only people on stage that have money at stake, which makes most of them perform poorly at the games due to nervousness.  If that weren't bad enough, somehow the celebs tend to angle away from the contestants on the couch, as they are more interested in each other than being nice to the "norm".

The show is stunningly packed with parody opportunities.  Each team of stars is far too affectionate with each other, making Jane frantically attempt to keep the timed games moving briskly around the heavy petting.  Instead of being exasperated with her guests a la Will Ferrell's Alec Trebek, she employs notch-dropping quips and barks orders expertly like a football coach.  Regardless of how many drinks have been downed, Jane never lets the festivities hit a lull.  The games themselves are very entertaining.  The popcorn throwing device is always being pilfered as it goes around the table, as if the demands of Hollywood has lead to too many missed meals by the stars.  Other games may have your favorite star shouting "I got a P!" at the top of their lungs.

Even the breaks are filled with celebrity style schadenfreude.  Know how to sing?  Feel free to bring in the show after the break with some freestyle Calypso with the band.  Played the drums in a garage band 20 years ago?  The skins are ALL YOURS.  The celebrities get a chance to do whatever whim comes to mind, regardless if they are ill-advised or not, and do so with a recess glee.  I guess that's the whole point of the show.  No matter what kind of background the celebrities have, they leave all their pretension at home and just have as much fun as possible.  Just like they had to get over themselves to fully enjoy the experience, so does the audience.

This isn't a "so bad that it's good". This show is so good you'll feel bad for thinking otherwise.

Have you experienced the insanity of Hollywood Game Night?

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