STRIP TO MY LOU: ‘Louie’ Exposes Our Lies

The single life is not for the faint of heart.

For some, being single can occupy the best times of their lives. For most of the population, however, it’s like being a wrecking ball trying to knock down the wall to a wrecking ball factory. The whole process hardly makes sense even with context. Watching Louis C.K. stumble through his fictionalized world in Louie is enough to make anyone wake up to the realizations of how many lies we tell ourselves just to exist.

Some of those lies are shielding fragile egos. Manhood may start with a pounding of the chest and the spoils of conquest, but it ends with the panic-inducing gaze of your family that either think you’re an angry god or a silly inconvenience. One kind word from their direction can make you feel like the master of the universe. Womanhood is mysterious, inspiring and intoxicating to men, as well as terrifying and confusing to be caught unprepared for.

The lies eventually start to take over, becoming bullies in our lives instead of protectors. We start to sacrifice just for the fabrications, as self interests quickly erode nobility when an advantage is detected. Dysfunction becomes easier than order, as the misconception that fear is a far more motivating than love is accepted as truth. The chaos we allow ourselves to deal with on a daily basis is excused by shortcomings perceived in completely different areas. Privileges are gladly accepted and exploited, only to quickly disappear in a sea of similarity.

You can go a long time without having to account for how terrible you’ve become. That is, until another demented person, equipped with a heighten sense of insanity, kindly shines a light on it. These messengers from crazy town show up at all times of Louie’s life, carpet bombing any flimsy grasp on normality with the lasting effect of a scar. Most loves are inevitably dropped from memory, but crazy can run around in a mind forever. The women that haunt Louie represent extremes in behavior and in emotional attachment.

The show does a great job with displaying those triumphant moments that go unnoticed, as well as the mountain of preparation it takes to get that ounce of happiness right. With Louie, you can see the effort being made by him to stop getting in his own way, no matter how insecure or unfamiliar he may be. That’s the real trick of life. Nobody really has it all together, rather they are just doing a better job of fooling others around them.

Jazzy segues with a NYC backdrop doesn't hurt, either.

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