TOONING OUT: Will FOX Screw Up ’Bob’s Burgers’?

It’s a legitimate concern.

Every Simpsons fans that watched during the 90s had the same waking nightmare. One minute you’re watching a once in a lifetime show that could cover the complete emotional spectrum while destroying your funny bone, endearing itself to multiple generations in the process, and the next minute our beloved show became proto-Family Guy.  Why?  Were all the Emmy nominations somehow NOT enough? Who decided to turn it into the brainless, heartless Homer Show?  

It’s not like this is an isolated incident.  FOX has strangely treated all of its animated shows like dogs that stop being puppies: they were tolerated in the beginning when they were still cute, but have been chained outside since growing past a sophomore season and having real needs.  Look, FOX.  The days of forcing Family Guy to lose its wit before taking them off of exile (and later ordering up a completely corrupt American Dad) are long behind you.  May I offer a few suggestions?

Have conviction.  The Critic starved to death as it was practically abandoned in a parking lot.  Now that the times have changed and a show that skewers movies would have thrived in the past ten years (Jay never got a chance to tear down M. Night Shyamalan), FOX didn’t leave it around long enough to take advantage.  Stop setting up shows to fail because you don’t like them.  WE DO.

Have patience.  Allow the show to breathe WITHOUT playing scheduling roulette.  It’s a miracle that King of the Hill lasted as long as it did, consider how much time it spend in the infamous FOX scheduling abyss.  Seriously, when has schedule tinkering every worked for a show?  Change the show directly or cancel it, period.

Have faith.  Bob’s Burgers is an amazing show, which has become everything The Simspons used to be: uniquely hilarious but wonderfully relatable.  Bob is a much needed reverse Homer that does most things right instead of everything wrong. Linda’s ad-libbed song and dance easily trumps Marge’s stereotypical housewife predictability.  Gene and Louise provided less psychotic Bart-like high jinks, and Tina emotes more complexities with her mumbles than Lisa has in decades of speeches.

Have a heart.  Let the Belchers live. Don't make the same mistake you did with Futurama.

Will FOX finally get their act together?
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