OFFICE PACE: ‘9 to 5’ Asks An Important Question

Sometimes Netflix is a psychic.

Ever since hearing it name dropped in Fresh Off The Boat, the movie 9 to 5 has been on my mind. Like a spooky roommate, Netflix just happened to have the movie ready for me to get reacquainted with.  After about 15 minutes in, I realize that I needed to get my daughter in on this. She’ll be entering the job pool pretty soon, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a “how it really is” primer beforehand.  She didn’t object, so off we went.

I was merely attempting to prepare my daughter for some office pitfalls via an over the top example of discrimination, harassment and intimidation.  Instead, I was confronted with how damn prevalent these things have been in every work environment I’ve been in.  I’ve seen trainees skip over their supervisors after being trained by them.  I’ve heard rumors about co-workers that affected how everyone treated them, most being simple rushes of judgments that were never reexamined.  I’ve seen ever woman I’ve worked with get sexually harassed, and not in a grey area kind of way.  I’m talking blatant horrible stuff.

Worse that any of that?  I didn’t do a thing about it.  Nothing.  Perfectly unaffected, feeling no sense of urgency, resting on a privilege that would make me skewer someone else for partaking in.  Instead of doing something when all those opportunities had presented themselves, here I am offering a 35 year old movie in front of my daughter as a warning for what awaits her, as if I wasn’t part of the world that excused this imbalance.  As I watched the movie’s misandry dream revenge play out, the question it asked back then was loud and clear to me now:

What will it take?

Will it take being threatened with poison?  Having a gun pulled on us?  Being harassed and intimidated?  Exposed as privileged do-nothings?  Leave a terrible culture for our daughters to unfairly deal with?  Incite half the population to vote with their gender instead of their principles? Will sisters have to do it for themselves, or will their male counterparts give a damn without being directly affected or being distracted by excuses? Instead of preparing the world for the formidable abilities of my daughter, here I am casually showing her that it all still might not matter.

My daughter didn’t really get the movie.  Hopefully she never will.

Will feminism every stop being misunderstood?
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