DO IT ON THE NIGHTLY: Larry Wilmore Comes Out The Shadows

See?  Nothing to worry about.

I can understand the reservations.  Sure, Larry Wilmore definitely showed his comedic chops as the Senior Minority Correspondent of The Daily Show, but was he up to task to helm a show audaciously called The Minority Report The Nightly Show?  His high brow shtick may be susceptible to going pass the Neil deGrasse Tyson demarcation line of nerd coolness into lame Urkledom.

The idea of The Colbert Report leaving the airwaves was already a lot to take in. Replacing that cultural juggernaut would make any new show seem mundane in comparison, especially one with the daunting task of exposing “post racial” America. Making a living on our collective racial nerve could potentially be a train wreck.  Considering the implications, I feel the need to give two perspectives.

On one hand, we have the white hate.  I’m referring to the vast amount of white Americans that could care less about minorities or our concerns, and would literally say or do anything to stop a racial conversation from every taking place.  They will look at this show as an example of special interests and treatments that exclude them.  If Larry’s quirky demeanor can rile up this group of people into a bigoted state of mind, then they have excluded themselves from serious consideration.

On the black hand, we have the black sate.  Black Americans are not monolithic, so naturally no one show could cover all of our wish fulfillment regarding race discussions.  We've also endured for our white brethren to wake up to the reality we face.  The Nightly Show provides a national voice for us, which eliminates the opportunity to have race card insinuations shoved down our throats as an attempt to discredit.  This is the only satisfaction we can expect, as the fact that this show is even useful in this manner makes having it bittersweet.

Nevertheless, watching Larry get better and better each week has been very encouraging. The show is all his, with no traces its predecessor to weigh it down.  He’s certainly still getting his host legs under him, as subtle tweaks have started to come out and improved its flow.  However, the future is looking quite bright in his very capable, comedic hands.

Long live blerds.

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