CHARLATAN’S WEB: Bad Debaters Rule The Internet

Why has it become so ridiculous?

Regular people trying to have regular debates online in comment sections are getting hijacked by a new wave of crazing trolling. As with any new nonsense, it’s taking a while for people to recognize it for what it is, driving sane people to keep replying to lulzing frauds. Here’s a handy rundown on fraudulent debate types that are holding up conversations all over the internet.

You Just Sat On A Kitten
Won’t someone think of the children? No need to worry, as this blind spotter is here to remind us all about something else vaguely connected that will also be affected, deploying wet blanket forts that reduce conversations to defending why bacteria has to die with each breath. No good deed can exist without them bringing up some kind of minor casualty as if they are worthy of sainthood, all without ever giving a damn until you dared mentioned something that made them uncomfortable.

Smell The Hero Before You
A self promoter incapable of blushing, this superhero cape waver is here to give us mortals their expert guess passed off as fact, to which its validity is based solely on an inflated sense of self worth. Facts be damned when they need to inject their half-awake perspective into debates while imagining how much good they are doing for the world. Any attempt to discredit the guess will be taken personally and get you an embellished biographical rant as justification while never accepting accountability for the blatant ignorance on the subject.

What Is This Thing You Call… Context?
The hapless android can’t help it. A slave to research reports, these types point their calloused finger at the same percentages repeatedly while pretending to say something different every time. Try to frame any information regarding the topic in any way that deviates from a report and you’ll have to explain how statistics work before getting them to even consider correlations. Analogies should be saved for people that can think beyond “off or on”.

Like You’re Explaining It To A Child
Question after question after question. Like an inquisitive imbecile, this type doesn’t understand the fundamentals being discussed, so they ask loaded questions that exposes both a bias and an ignorance without ever knowing how transparent they are being. As educating them is attempted, the questions just get stranger and less on topic as a response. You end up explaining simple concepts in order to get to your broader point, which you’ll never get to before they quit their routine and drop the “all I know is…” manifesto they had been saving.

Of course, all these bad debaters aren’t really trying to debate to begin with. They are only attempting to steer the discussion away from relevance by throwing bait into a dark hole for the other person to fall into. Don't fall for it by engaging them.

Let sleeping trolls lie.

Have you encountered these awful trolls on the internet?
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