RAGE DANDY: The Fashionable Fury Of Russell Westbrook

Man, did I see this coming.

I saw the ridiculous criticism thrown on Russell Westbrook year after year. “He’s an offensive liability wait he’s just a scorer er he doesn’t pass enough well he doesn’t defer to KD damn he’s just too arrogant what the hell is that humility I don’t like the way he dresses.” I threw it all together to represent the vomit it is. Numbah Zero has heard it all.

I saw the ferocious dunks in almost every game he played, seemingly to appear out of nowhere like someone photoshopped the “BAMF” out of the picture. His pre-landing full bodied reactions from his own dunks are either out of an intense need to humble gravity or genuine disappointment that the entire building didn’t collapse, with a promise to punish the rim moreso the next time.

I saw the heartbreaking injury back in the 2013 playoff run. Just as Russ started to pull out his next level rageaholic, a freak accident sidelined that epic bender. Everyone probably thought that Russ was grimacing in pain when it happened, but I’d like to think that his expression was due to immediately realizing the obvious: OKC didn’t have a chance in hell of going all the way without him.

I saw the welcomed change in OKC basketball culture. Westbrook’s insane aggressiveness is apparently contagious as hell. Just look how surly gentle giant Kevin Durant has become.  You can’t even talk to Russ about how he would obviously be a great fit for the Lakers (and Los Angeles in general), as he’s had enough of seeing teammates jump ship from his championship level squad, taking their elaborate handshakes to other towns.

I saw the constant development of a complete NBA player with the trimmings (aka the intangibles). I’m going to keep it Philly: Westbrook possesses the bigger than buildings heart of Rocky Balboa, the supreme cockiness of Allen Iverson and the unflappability under criticism of John Street. Most players can only dream of having the confidence to back up wearing literally anything that comes to mind with the oppressiveness of an apex predator.

I saw it all. I’m glad we’re at a point where taking Russell Westbrook’s immense talents for granted is finally out of fashion.

Will Russell Westbrook have another MVP caliber year?
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