PURPLE REIGN: Prince Is Still Music Royalty

I’m as guilty as you are.

I thought we’d get no more minimalist funk grooves like Soft ‘n Wet, Kiss & Alphabet Street; no more otherworldly vocals like Purple Rain, Mountains & When Doves Cry; no more senual hits like Scandalous, When 2 R In Love & Adore;  no more genre-less gems like Raspberry Beret, U Got The Look & Let’s Go Crazy;  no more everyday people anthems like Sign o’ The Times, Money Don’t Matter 2 Night & 1999.

It was easy to just ignore him.  Lumping his licensing idiosyncracies and religious inclinations in with his peers like Michael Jackson and Madonna, it almost made sense to simply guess that Prince had either fallen into ridiculous vanity projects or became a recluse with thousands of tracks that will never be released. Although I loved Prince's supposed former glory, I haven't been checking on his new music since the 90s.

And then I saw this:

All the classic Prince elements can be found in this epic clip. A Paisley Park infused jazzy pop song lighter than air? Check. Dueling guitar shredding as a segue? Check. A rockout song with mystical lyrics and a drive-all-night beat? Check. Haunting bluesy jam session to close out the set? Check and hot damn check. Even while fronting a very capable band of talented ladies half his age, he effortlessly took things to another level.

Like all humans that are distracted by the shiny and the new, we are sometimes too quick to turn away from the things we once loved. Luckily, this often overlooked rock god grows just fine in the shadows of our collective attention, and even has the courtesy to remind us who he still is with a stage burning performance.

Long live Prince.

Do you agree that Prince is still a showstopper?
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