LITTLE GREEN MEME: ‘Ancient Aliens’ Critics Are Spacey

Lemme get this out the way.

Most of the criticism for Ancient Aliens comes from people that have never actually watched much of the show, if at all. They know something something the greys, “that guy” with “that hair” and the Maya calendar. This article is for them.  If you’ve watched and you think The History Channel is an embarrassment, I don’t have a problem with that.

Okay, let’s deal with rampant guessing:

Ancient Aliens fills the gaps of historical ignorance with “aliens did it”.  
The show clearly depicts the evidence used to ascertain the theories and never misses an opportunity to remind the audience that they haven’t been proven to be fact. The word most critics should be using is “conjecture”, as in the theories are at worse based on incomplete information. Not the same as blindly guessing, which is what most critics are doing.

Ancient Aliens appropriates credit from indigenous people.
This is by far the most puzzling criticism.  Ancient Aliens relays the exact same accounts by these civilizations of divine beings descending from the sky to impart knowledge on them. If one is really concerned about indigenous people getting proper credit, then perhaps their stories should also be taken seriously instead of immediately (and curiously) labeled as myth. The god/alien swap should not invoke this response, but then again I’m talking about people who haven’t actually watched the show.

Ancient Aliens was debunked in that video.
Not even slightly. A casual viewing of that video would render it useless to a real skeptic. That video is so bad that many wonder whether it was always meant to be a parody and not taken seriously. It is also rarely watched but somehow inspires guessing anyway.

Ancient Aliens is outright nonsense because aliens don’t exist.
This is just an attempt to shut down the conversation while being as lazy as conceptually possible. It’s a declaration of “I don’t want to contemplate this so I’m declaring the entire subject invisible”. This again displays how most critics don’t actually watch the show.

Ancient Aliens is unwatchable because of the way its presented.
It get it.  Memes can be hard to ignore, and horizontally-teased hair on said memes can break the internet. However, this is just nonsense. Ancient Aliens is one of the most entertaining shows on television, mainly due to the wild speculations and literal interpretations. You’ll never see anything like this series again, so enjoy the ride while it lasts. It’s only a matter of time before the professionals involved get tired of the constant mocking from non-viewers who say their decades of research isn’t enough to even speculate such things.

Catching a theme? WATCH THE SHOW BEFORE YOU KNOW. It’s easy and it’ll make your opinions feel like you give a damn about accuracy. It’s perfectly fine to call the show BS, but at least know what you’re opining about. By the way...

Have you made up your mind already about the show?
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