GIVE UP THE GHOST DAD: Bill Cosby Was Never There

Believe me, I understand.

The details of the accusations can be overwhelming.  How can this be? How can this be the same person that shared comedic stories about his “brain damaged” children? How can one go from making something so meaningful and important as The Cosby Show and then do any of the things he’s accused of? How did the good Dr. Huxtable turn into the heinous Mr. Hyde?

By the way, if you think that Cosby is innocent and the many, many, many women that have come forward are lying, then you have many, many, many more heroes in your future to be disappointed with. If sociopaths live amongst us, where do you think they are? They hide in plain sight, killing us with kindness and sowing the seeds of believable lies.

Bill Cosby isn’t a good samaritan that was tempted by evil, rather an evil trickster that tempts with goodness. The reason why Cosby is so beloved is because he groomed all of us to unquestionably accept him as the best father figure in America. It was smoke and mirrors. The big misdirect. The “look over here” and never look over there. We all fell for it.

In order to deal with one’s mixed feelings about the show and the man, first you’ll have to accept that your feelings won’t go away. That’s not how love works. You’ll continue to love the show and even perhaps the man. All you need is a little perspective in order to accept that conflict and see the truth without the burden of nostalgia. Remember, no matter how brilliant the show was, no matter how hilarious his standup was, no matter how relatable his thoughts were, it was all just to fool us. There was no heart behind his magical creations, just a cold and calculating strategy to hide a monster inside a disarming masterpiece.

Bill Cosby was never where we thought he was. Let him go.

Can The Cosby Show survive this scandal?
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