FOUND IN SPACE: ‘Space Dandy’ Is A Sci-Fi Blast


It’s about time.

As cartoons have moved from goofy wackiness to existential madness, I’ve seen many groups of viewers being represented and entertained.  Grade schoolers have the odd Gumball, tweeners tuned in for the trippy Adventure Time and teens pretended to not love the slackfest Regular Show.  Where was the weird cartoon for adults?

The anime Space Dandy definitely fills the void, as it has absolutely no shame and yet pulls off just grazing the funny/offensive line.  It could be easy for some viewers to be turned off by the purposefully exaggerated sexism and the obvious American parody.  However, once you see things like an undercover lesson on string theory show up, then you can throw out the idea that this show is just trying to be a big joke.

Speaking of which, Space Dandy is absolutely hilarious.  So many of the jokes work completely. Sometimes it’s as obvious as a golden Grease gyrator with a familiar name, other times it’s as subtle as characters noticing a laughtrack that suddenly plays sporadically.  Even the music, while spot-on for whatever the occasion, still sounds like it was done on a Casio keyboard from the 80s to give it a funny old school feel.

Every now and then, the show will surprise the hell out of me.  One moment you're recovering from a blistering insult at Dandy’s expense, only to then marvel at the beautiful artwork in the next scene. An explanation of the plant planet in one episode couldn't possibly do it justice, other than to say that it’s wild and trippy.  Other times, it’s Dandy’s big ol’ heart that comes out of nowhere, showing a softer side to the scoundrel.  Kids seem to be a bigger Achilles heel for him than the female form.

Somehow, Space Dandy manages to corral many distinct parts into a coherent odyssey, mashing together beautiful planetscapes, witty humor, exciting space ventures and straight-up slapstick into a cool collection of sci-fi stories that would make Han Solo greedo with envy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ride an interplanetary river to an interdimensional ramen shop to meet my ex-girlfriend with an extra dimension.

Is Space Dandy the best comedic anime out there?
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