DRUNK IN LOVE WITH HISTORY: 'Drunk History' Is Spilling Knowledge

It was hard to accept at first.

Drunk History has dropped more facts on me about historic events than I care to admit.  Chocked full of underdog stories, untold sacrifices and powerful personalities, this show draws you in with a gimmick and then edutains the hell out of you with actual historic dramatizations.  What have I learned so far?  Here are a few gems:

  • the real Rosa Parks was a teenager badass
  • the female Paul Revere did double the work and was a teen
  • the first black superhero was… Superman??
  • John Wilkes Booth had murderous father issues
  • I gotta stop messing around and watch Citizen Kane
  • a gay German officer saved this country from the British
  • coca leaves have a surprising secondary use
  • we don’t remember the Alamo like we think we do

It that weren’t enough, the show is presented in one of the cleverest mediums I’ve ever seen. Imagine the most interesting story being told to you by one of your parent’s siblings after a slew of drinks, and you have Drunk History.  Inebriated words are depicted in historic scenes, regardless if they are about the story or hilarious drunken distractions. There are wonderful pauses in action due to the occasional wandering by the narrator, in thought and in place.  The wrap-ups are all very gratifying.

It’s obvious.  We need drunk teachers in school.  Well, at least in college (woo-hoo).

Has Drunk History taught you anything you didn't know?
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