“When keeping it real goes right.”

Many of the courtroom show judges have very appealing attributes.  Jugde Judy’s absolute mastery of her proceedings comes from having an iron will and authoritative wisdom. Judge Milian’s cool aunt familiarity leaves many litigants wanting more to please her than to win their cases. Judge Mathis’ cold steel coolness always seems to be exactly what his cases need, with a believable appeal to ‘do better’.

However, Divorce Court’s Lynn Toler has abilities in the courtroom that go far beyond acumen, attitude and experience. Simply put, she is nothing short of a modern day oracle.

That's not to say that Toler doesn’t use her skills to lead proceedings into the right direction. Her sense of humor shines though when presented with absurd details and needs to pull a litigant’s head out of the clouds. Her firmness is withheld until absolutely necessary, usually when someone refuses to remember their humanity before her. Her compassion wraps those that are hurting with the a warmth and protectiveness that gives them a moment of needed healing.

It’s a marvel to watch the magic begin. Her hands swirl in the air as she taps into the great abyss of cosmic knowledge, seemingly plucking truths to share from the nothingness. Sometimes she appears to be possessed, speaking for someone that can’t gather the articulation to properly express their emotions, airing out their deep buried grievances for them. She takes everyone involved to task, pointing out their internal conflicts without forgetting to give them proper instructions on how to fix themselves and possibly their relationships.

It all feels very shamanistic, like we’re witnesses a long lost spiritual connection being resurrected right before our eyes. We could use a lot more Lynn Tolers adding their epic societal side-eye to our national discourse.


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