BIG NAME HUNTER: Hannibal Buress Is A Sure Shot

It was the unfunny joke heard around the world.

“Google 'Bill Cosby rape.' That sh** has more results than 'Hannibal Buress.'” What a scorcher. I don’t know if dropping this truth bomb in Cosby’s hometown (and my old stomping ground) of Philly was the final straw, but the sentiment finally set in and wouldn't go away anymore. All of the sudden everyone had the exact same thought:  why are we ignoring the Cosby allegations and who the hell is Hannibal Buress??

Needless to say, it takes a lot of courage to put your comedic career on the line by attacking one of its institutions. Cosby has protection from many different communities, chewing up and spitting out each allegation that dared to go beyond rumor beforehand. Hannibal had every reason to avoid the topic, particularly considering how the victims had been treated. Thankfully, it appears that Buress has that wonderful disease that a lot of great comedians have: an absolute need to shine a spotlight on ignored truths.

It’s obvious why some observers would want to compare Hannibal to other black comedians, but if we’re honestly assessing him, Steven Wright’s observational mumblings should immediately come to mind. I’ll afford any oldheads a Redd Foxx too, particularly if we’re talking about their acting abilities aka “my personality is better than any character you could create for me”. He does seem to share Redd’s knack for bluntly saying what needs to be said for everyone to hear and acknowledge.

Don’t let his squint fool you; Hannibal frequently relays observations that go far beyond casual glances. Many everyday absurdities are pointed out and examined with hilarious results. Where some comedians can get condescending with their opinions, Hannibal appears to honestly want resolutions to crazy things that are being ignored. After hearing some of his funny personal stories, one realizes that although common sense rules his comedic takedowns, it certainly doesn’t rule his personal life. Hannibal doesn’t seem to mind exposing his conflicting duality, especially if it’s entertaining.

Now that Buress has taken his talents to network television (he’s a bonafide scene stealer in Broad City), his popularity has been skyrocketing. It was a no-brainer for Comedy Central to give him his own show, but it’s still nice to see him reap the rewards of his bravery. Not too shabby for a guy that used to just show up on 30 Rock as a homeless guy.

Hannibal is conquering it all right now.

Will Hannibal Buress continue to kick ass?
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